Gaelin Errona

Warchief of the Ishkar


Gaelin Errona stands tall as one of the larger of the Ishkar. He keeps his face covered when possible, stating that a leader should be faceless, so all his followers can identify with them. He wears purple armour made by the Orc smiths to the west in Avril. He wields a long spear with the symbol of his people at the end. He has golden skin with long flowing white hair.



Gaelin was the leader of the Ishkar of the Shattered Isles towards of the first age during the foundation of El’Turel. He spoke to the gods and brokered the deal that returned life to the Shattered Coast. At the end of his life Kaisar, Lord of the Land released Gaelins spirit from his body prematurely allowing him to forever exist with Kaisar in the Land Beyond, as to little knowledge of the people at the time but Kaisar had fallen in love with Gaelin, and this was Kaisar biggest expression of that love, to allow Gaelin to live forever as a Angel in the Land Beyond. Since his transformation into an angel Gaelin has revisted his homelands several times but always in secret, revealing himself to those worthy in great times of need.

Gaelin Errona

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