The Shattered Coast

First Age


History Summary

During the first age the Shattered Coast was a dry deslotate desert that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was primarily inhabitated by the Ishkar, a early race of desert elf nomads. They were split into various different tribes at first, however when Gaelin Errona united the tribes and established the city of El’Turel. The Ishkar survived but they were far from thriving. Gaelin instructed his people to cease the worship of the Higher Lords, stating that if the Gods had forgotten them then they should equally forget the Gods. With a significant loss made in the worship of the Gods, the Higher Lords who had been warring against the Demon forces of Khu’thul started to weaken, so they sent Kaisar, Lord of the Land to check over the Shattered Coast. Kaisar making contact with Gaelin explained why they hadn’t been there for the Ishkar as of late, understanding this but also needing to provide for his people Gaelin brokers a deal that exchanges the loyalty of the Ishkar to the Gods in exchange for bringing life back to the land. Kaisar accepted, creating the great tree of Ismoor which through it’s wide stretching roots brought life back to the harsh lands of the Shattered Coast. Bringing a close to the end of the first age and into the second age.

First Age History Expanded

Third Age


The Shattered Coast is located in the North West corner of the continent of Istar. It’s not so much an actual location but more so the rough colloquial term for the North East corner of Istar. The Majority race of The Shattered Coast is primarily human however the Forest Kingdom is made up of quite a bit of Elves however the Foothills of Mercia are somewhat xenophobic when it comes to what they call “The Lesser Races”. The Forest Kingdom and the Kingdom of Mercia are at constant odds with each other.

Sub Locations
Forest Kingdom
The Darkwood
The Foothills of Mercia
The Broken Isles
Northern Azril

The Shattered Coast

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