First Age History Expanded

Major Historical Events

[1359 First Age] Unification of the Tribes
(The Creation of El’Turel)

At the beginning of the first age the Desert Nomad race of Elves known as the Ishkar were fractured into many smaller tribes that were scattered across the giant desert expanse known as the dead mans crossing. It stretched between the Northern and Southern rivers and remained a dangerous territory but filled with monsters to hunt that could feed whole tribes by themselves. One of the Ishkar tribes was lead by an Elf known as Gaelin Errona, a fierce but reserved leader, he was renown in his ability to hunt the giant beasts that inhabitated the lands. Gaelins tribe kept close to the southern rivers and as was tradition protected them against the other tribes who might wish to take control. However Gaelin was sick of tradition, his forefarthers were elves of war, but the land was dying and so was his people, all of them. He sent word to all the major tribes that he intended to open his doors and establish the first major Ishkar city, El’Turel so they could band together and try to survive.

Gaelin Errona, Warchief of the Ishkar

[1448 First Age] Divine Rebellion
(The End of Ishkar Worship)

The Ishkar were deeply devout people, having deep connections with the gods they practised rituals to the Gods daily. However Gaelin Errona grew tired of the gods, calling them lazy and incompetent for letting them suffer. As he was the Warchief of El’Turel he decided to issue a decree, no one was to practise the worship of the gods in the city walls. He had wide spread support from the people of El’Turel and many holidays and religious events came to an immediate stop and all the churches were dismantled. It was during this time that El’Turel first made contact with the Orc village of Shadowport. It was to the far west past the mountains, Gaelin had lead an expedition there in efforts to make trade contracts to boost El’Turels standing on the Shattered Coast. The talks were successful and a great Elf Orc alliance was formed. The Orc Warchief at the time, a hulking orc by the name of Vorgack the Wise offered Shadowports trade abilities as well as the ores from there mines in return for many of the giant beasts of the Shattered Coast, both dead and alive. From this a hunting culture was born in the city of El’Turel transforming the Ishkar from weak nomads to a strong and prosperous city of skilled hunters and warriors.


The Basilisk, a very common beast of the Shattered Coast deserts, it’s meat is considered a delicacy in El’Turel, if you have the equipment to get past it’s rock hard exterior.

[1498 First Age] Contract with the Gods
(Kaisar meets with Gaelin)

Little to Gaelins knowledge the Gods were preoccupied with their war against the demons at the World Scar to the East. With a significant loss in worship since Gaelin ordered the Ishkar to stop God worship the Angelic forces to the East have been finding it harder and harder to sustain themselves using only a fraction of their former power. The Council of the High Lords met and decided to send a representative to El’Turel, feeling that they genuinely had let down the people they’re meant to be protecting they wanted to set things right. They sent Kaisar, Lord of the Land to meet with them. As he made contact with El’Turel he was met with much reluctance but Gaelin extended the olive branch by agreeing to meet with him. Kaisar brought the apologies of the gods, never before had it been heard of the gods feeling remorceful for their actions, but they all admit their zealousness towards the demons they have worked so hard to destory had over ridden their true purpose of caring for the people. Kaisar being the lord of the land offered to restore life back to the Shattered Coast, and in return Gaelin offered the worship of the Gods by the Ishkar people.

Kaisar, Lord of the Land, Captain of the Vanguard of the Angelic Armies

[1500 First Age] Pilgrimage of the Ishkar
(Abandoning El’Turel for the new Ishkar home of Elderhold)

Kaisar pondered over the next two years how to restore life to the earth, eventually he figured it out. The more a god is praised the stronger he is, great events and festivals that contain large amounts of people worshiping improves a gods strength 10 fold. Kaisar believed that if the people of El’Turel all did a pilgramage to the Northern rivers of the Shattered Coast it would give Kaisar enough power to cast a spell strong enough to revitalize the lands. It wasn’t a big journey but the amount of people going would make it strong enough. The journey only ended up taking 3 weeks, but when they got there Kaisar was able to put the spirit he had gained to create a seed, the seed was planted by the Ishkar and named Ismoor, which meant provider in the Ishkar tongue. The tree took hundreds of years before it was fully formed but when it was it was taller than mountains and it roots reached far and wide, and even though it was fully formed physically it’s roots still spread slowly throughout the lands, spreading life, grass, trees, animals, etc with it. The Ishkar became caretakers of the tree and established the new city of Elderhold, it was a strongly spiritual place and is tightly linked with Kaisars home plane of the Feywild. Many inhabitants and creatures of the Feywild slipped through and populated the forests of the Shattered Coasts.

One of the new temples dedicated to Kaisar in the city of Elderhold.

[1560 First Age] First Contact with the Sorcerors
(The Wizards of the Broken Isles)

During the years past the founding of Elderhold the previously hermit wizards that inhabitated the great towers to the North West Broken isles came forward and across the seas to make contact with the Ishkar. Previously ignoring them as a weak tribal race they changed their views as they took notice of the Ishkar’s contract with the gods. The great tree Ismoor was taking longer than expected to grow, as the earth had grown spiteful of the gods, as much as the people. However the Wizards of the Council of Magoth decided it would be in their best interests to intervene, so that the continent of Istar would grow and flourish. The Ishkar met with the Council readily and were all too happy for the help, in return they sent supplies to the Island North East of the Shattered Coast where they three wizards had built their towers.

Izzar, the Immovable, was the one who prompted the council to interact with the Ishkar.

First Age History Expanded

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